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Managing Diversity
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About the Programme | Unit Synopsis,
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The programme is divided into 5 Units. Each Unit contains a series of Learning Outcomes that describe the competence and knowledge required to successfully manage diversity within the workplace.

To accompany the Learning Outcomes and Assessment Criteria, there are detailed descriptions of the range of situations that must be covered.
Unit 1: Background to Managing Diversity
Unit Value: 6
Description of the Unit
This unit provides an overview of what is meant by diversity and how managing diversity is both different from, and yet closely linked to, equal opportunities.
Summary of Outcomes
Successful completion of this unit requires that the learner:
Explores the concept of ‘managing diversity’.
Explores the concept of ‘equal opportunities’.
Can provide a clear explanation of how equality of opportunity relates to managing diversity.
Possesses an analytical appraisal of the key points of the learner’s own diversity.
Analyse how demographic and work pattern changes will impact on the learner’s organisation.
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