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Managing Diversity
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The Qualification
Having successfully completed the course, students will receive an Award, Certificate or Diploma in Managing Diversity accredited by Edexcel.

EdExcel: The benefits of an internationally recognised awarding body

As one of the UK’s major awarding bodies, Edexcel qualifications are recognised around the world.

Both academic institutions and employer organisations recognise the value of Edexcel accredited qualifications. This high regard is primarily due to the ‘work-based’ learning approach as it produces both productive and empowered employees who can transfer their knowledge and experience to the workplace with immediate effect.

The vocational approach of the course assumes that the learner has a sound knowledge of their appointed field and builds upon this knowledge with various conceptual models, methodologies and strategies. The desired outcome is to develop organisation-wide ‘best practice’ that can be co-ordinated by managers and yet easily understood, adopted and implemented by personnel at every level.

For more information, please contact the course administration team
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