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Managing Diversity
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Managing Diversity | Why Diversity?,
Why Diversity?
Managing diversity is one of the most important challenges facing managers and their organisations. In today’s work environment co-workers are increasing likely to be of different gender, age, religion, cultural background, race and ethnicity. They will also differ in terms of lifestyle choice, perspectives, attitudes, value system, beliefs, behaviors, expectations, skills and experiences.

The complexity of differences is wide ranging and because of that there is not one way of doing things or seeing or being in the world. People are not the same and although they want to be treated equally, this does not translate to being treated the same This has implication not just in respect to the workforce but also in the delivery of public and private services, the design and development of products and procurement activities.

These issues are not just about discriminatory practices but they modify the nature and demands placed on leadership and management and bring into prominence the concept of diversity. How well or how prepared managers are able to invest in the concept of diversity will impact not just on work issues but also on sensitivity to customers’ needs, legal compliance, business’ ethical issues, profitability and even social cohesion.

Managing Diversity | Why Diversity?

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